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Hi Couples, I'm Taya. If you've reached out to us or scheduled a tour you've probably spoken with me! My wedding is where The Barn at Meadow Farms journey started. After Logan asked me to marry him we began the hunt for a venue for our big day. With no luck finding something within my budget and included all of the items I needed, I talked my grandparents into building The Barn!

Of course, by looking at these photos The Barn looks completely different now. We got the roof on the week of our wedding so we didn't get to take advantage of the finishing touches like the kithcen, bathrooms, dressing rooms, or A/C! It truly is a completely different space now and we have continued to make improvements every year since. 

My grandparents recently decided they are ready to retire from the wedding industry and I will be taking over full time in 2022! They have blessed me with not only a venue to say 'I Do' but also helped me start a career in the event industry. 

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